2015 Melburn Roobaix – 10 Years of Good Times

The grin still hasn’t worn off from Sunday.

Prepare for the biggest, and perhaps the best Melburn Roobaix event report ever.


A Decade on.

It wasn’t that long ago that this party started in slightly more humble circumstances.  From the steps of Fed Square, the image below is the remains of those who made it to Roobaix that first day in 1926.  It was a big thing even back then.  All the tribes sent forth members to represent.  Bike couriers, old grumpy commuters, past and current road racers, mountain bikers, old and new, young and not so young.

The plan wasn’t even for it be an annual event.  Truth be told like many things I’ve done there hasn’t been a plan, just a passion, and one I’ve persisted with for a long time, much longer than the decade of Melburn Roobaix’s existence.



The 10th edition saw a return to reasonable weather, and thank goodness for that.   While the Brunswick Cycling Club receives the longer overdue facelift it desperately needs, we took the party to the infield and the grand arena has never looked better.



Thank you to:

Event Sponsors

Coffee Supreme  – Temple Brewing

Fitbit – Giro – Malvern Star

Event Supporters

Madman Entertainment – Cycling Victoria – Melbourne Bike Share – Bicycle Network – Brunswick Cycling ClubGood CyclesLoafer Bread – Mum’s Jam


Best and Fairest

1 Vote –  Team FYXO.  

Thanks to all of you.

Clarissa, Blake, Melisaa, Nick, Jack, Peter, Travis, Dom, The Hose, Zanotto, Andrey, Carol, Geoffrey and our Roobaix track specialist, Cliff.



2 Votes – Dave Morgan.  

The heart, soul and pink of Brunswick CC.  How this guy has not won Australian Cyclist of the Year is beyond me.  We need to change that.



3 Votes –  Melodie White.

Roobaix wouldn’t be what it is today without her level of organisation and detail.





Winners & Grinners

Winner of Melburn Roobaix – Michelle Nicholls

First female winner in the history of Roobaix!  Congratulations Michelle.



Win Your Weight in Bicycle Beer

Congratulations to Ducky from CSI, also known as Peter Donald.   Made winning look easy!



Cutest Couple(s)

There were many winners – Goose and Maverick were my favourite and the crowds too and won a pair of Brooks Cambium saddles.



The other cute couples walked away with Temple Brewing gift certificates.




Four lucky devils who got kitted up and posted themselves on the internets with #roobaixfit took home a Fitbit Surge.


Awesome Foursome

Some levels of awesome were shown by American Astronauts, Russian Cosmonauts with teams closer to 10 members in size.  Clip’tin Tea got a warm response that would have been warmer given their awesome video below, but it was the Disco Pimps who won the day and took home Coffee Supreme brew kits.



The Prize Raffle

Lachlan with questionable handwriting won a Malvern Star Path Racer to rip skids on.



David Jablonka took home the Spirit of Roobaix and this beautiful Brooks-esque creation by Paul Watson (Winner of the 2010 Melburn Roobaix).  Amongst the many beautiful touches is a brass WATSON rear plate, and ‘Hell of the Northcote’ embossed on both sides.




Best Moving Picture.

It’s a tie.

Edouard Mouy, you’ve won a $50 Gift Certificate for your pieces of genuis.  Drop me a line.


Same goes for you Craig Hughes.


#STRAVA files

I could have sworn I told people to switch #strava off.

Turns out if you did, you would have seen this nifty flyby feature which was spliced into the video above.   The number of riders is limited to a paltry 10% of the field, but cool nonetheless.  Here’s what 7 hours in 30 seconds looks like from a satellite.


In the paper.

Mum was pleased to see we made the news.

The Age – Pedal power gears up for cobblestone classic Melburn Roobaix.

Herald Sun – Costumed cyclists take to streets for Melburn Roobaix.


Top 20 #MelburnRoobaix grams.

In no particular order of awesome.


Melburn Roobaix and free donuts! Best. Day. Ever.

A photo posted by Evalin Ling (@evalin80) on


Collect your bidon @coffee_supreme_mel along the way #melburnroobaix

A photo posted by Cargone Couriers (@cargonecouriers) on


My outfit for the day... #melburnroobaix

A photo posted by Ewan (@thatguyfromtuesday) on



It's only my favourite day of the year. @fyxo #melburnroobaix #roobaixix my 5th Roobaix. See ya next year.

A photo posted by Chris Moyle (@moyley.c) on


Sector Cercueils pavés of the #MelburnRoobaix 🚲💕

A photo posted by Jasmine Davie (@jazzydfizzle) on


Awesome day again, thanks Andy! #roobaix #melburnroobaix @fyxo #3inarow #cycling #melburn

A photo posted by Trev (@sabbath69) on


How does double denim make you feel? #NotBlueButDenim #MelburnRoobaix #DoubleDAndTheChafers @fyxo

A photo posted by oldmanwills (@oldmanwills) on




Draughtasauraus 😝 #MelburnRoobaix #cobbles #laneways @fyxo first class event ✔️

A photo posted by Rosie.. (@miss_cadence) on




Veronika was really creative today❤️❤️❤️ #MelburnRoobaix

A photo posted by Igorjabloncik 🌿 (@igorjabloncik) on


Thanks Melburn Roobaix. #melburnroobaix

A photo posted by JM / Melbourne (@kongpunk) on



#Melburnroobaix #brunswickvelodrome #bikelife

A photo posted by @elle_waugh on


#roobaixfit #melburnroobaix #roobaixastronauts #ffscycling

A photo posted by Caroline Whitten (@bibbsy82) on


Rocket Queeeen! #melburnroobaix

A photo posted by Steven Callahan (@stevencallahan) on



Rider Portraits

Find yourself amongst the crowd, download the hi-res image for FREE, use work’s photocopier and plaster it all over town.  Thanks to Peter Bongiorno for making everyone look epic.

View the gallery here.



Roobaix Schwag

If you missed out on scooping a tee, cap or beanie on the day don’t dismay.

FYXO’s got a brand new bag!  shop.fyxo.co



2016 Melburn Roobaix / Sunday 26 June


See you next year.


Andy & Melodie.


Melburn Roobaix Gallery

It’s a big one.

Images below from FYXO,  Andy Rogers, and Temple Brewing.


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